Dear same – sex marriage supporters, hate will not help your cause

Although I see same-sex marriage as a side issue, many other practicing Christians do not. This posting sums it up nicely….

Asexuality in A Sexual World

The Equal Marriage Rights Australia page on Facebook too often resorts to nastiness, especially against those who are publicly or otherwise against same – sex marriage. I saw an example of it today.

This is NOT how to win a debate – or hearts on an issue that most people have strong views about. Resorting to abusive tactics you claim to condemn, frankly, are more likely to scare people away from supporting the cause. In one of his articles, ‘The Spectator’ columnist Rowan Dean has expressed just that. A commenter on Mamamia’s Facebook page expressed the same on a story about a same – sex wedding in Brazil.

I get the anger and the frustration. I understand, at least in part, of the inner struggles and fears faced by the LGBTQ+ community when contemplating whether or not to come out to friends and family. I have written tirelessly about the…

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