Is a People’s Party on the Horizon?

I’m in favor of organizing a third political party in America! Senator Bernie Sanders has already proven this to be a viable option with his 2016 presidential bid!

The American two-party political system is on the verge of upheaval. While extensive effort has been exerted to pull the Democrat Party to the left, it heartily resists. The Democrat Party likes a cozy relationship with big corporations and billionaires, whether or not that wins elections. Never-the-less, Bernie Sander’s 2016 presidential campaign clearly demonstrated that grassroots support can free candidates from the stranglehold that Big Money has on our politics.

Nick Brana, former political outreach coordinator of Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign, says the time is ripe to launch a third political party in the United States. In fact, he wants to draft Bernie Sanders for a brand new People’s Party.

While the Democrat Party is designed to prevent a progressive takeover, Brana maintains that it is losing members and cannot combat an existing base of millions of Progressives. Brana supports his theory with history. Back in the mid-1800’s…

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2 thoughts on “Is a People’s Party on the Horizon?

  1. Dan1 says:

    Even coalitions of “Progressive” parties should be considered. To some extent the Conservative Establishment has achieved much through cooperation within its parameters. We The Common People need to master this vital art.

    Make deals with each other. And always keep one’s word about expediting these “deals”.

    • paulbern77 says:

      Yes Dan, I still remember your “Third Parties Coalition” from a few years ago. That was a good idea, it’s too bad it never caught on. Maybe you were a little ahead of your time. Why not try again to get that going and start building momentum for 2020? Food for thought….

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