Cosmic Birthright

Our true place in the universe, and in space and time…..

Cosmic Birthright

Our Cosmic Birthright:

to achieve planetary defense and world peace,

to restore paradise,

and end all forms of oppression,

by every peaceful means necessary.

This is the eve of our Cosmic Birthright. The human race in the 21st century has arrived at a crossroads where our decisions, actions, behaviors, and attitudes will determine the future of humanity and of our Mother Earth.

We have arrived at a time and place when we must answer basic questions:

Where are we? How is the weather? and Why are we here?

Where are we? On a rolling mass of blue perfection, a Goldilocks planet, perfectly balanced, orbiting a brilliantly poised star in a distant, remote quadrant of the Milky Way.

How’s the weather? Turbulent. Not long ago, our fragile Eco-system narrowly survived one of several near extinction level events that wiped out nearly every life form on the planet, including  the mighty reptiles…

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