Henry A. Giroux: Trump’s War on Dangerous Memory and Critical Thought | Rise Up Times

the time for resistance has already arrived. fight back or die, what’s it going to be, people?


Rise Up Times shares a sobering essay by Henry A. Giroux. It’s a long read, but an excellent launching point to review modern political history–as truth and reality must be the foundation of today’s American resistance…

“…This is a time to study, engage in critical dialogues, develop new educational sites, support and expand the alternative media, and fight back collectively. It will not be easy to turn the tide, but it can happen, and there are historical precedents…

‘If we really care about the world, our country, and our future, we have no choice but to resist.’ This would also suggest building up unions again and putting their control in the hands of workers; working to build sanctuary cities and institutions that would protect those considered the enemies of white supremacy – immigrants, Muslims, Blacks, and those others considered disposable…

Resistance… has to take place on multiple fronts while at…

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