Teachers Defend Truth in the Age of Alternative Facts

teaching is inherently political……


I recently found Momma Brown’s Blog, and love what Momma is doing. She’s a wife, mother, and teacher who is in full resistance mode, educator-style.

Momma is also editor of Teaching in Trump’s America on Medium. There she shared the transcript of teacher guru Angela Watson’s first podcast from the Truth for Teachers series, where Watson zeros in on the scourge of politics (and education): the manipulation of truth…

Teachers, you are on the front lines as defenders of truth. Our students need you more than ever.

“…Let me get a little more specific about what’s happening with teaching in particular, since we’re all educators here listening to this.

We’ve allowed corruption in our government and injustice and inequity in our laws. We’ve sat on the sidelines as authority has been taken away from teachers and our students have been short changed, time after time after time.

We saw…

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