Bernie Sanders Builds the Progressive Brand on TV

anybody seen Bernie’s new Facebook channel yet? check it out!

During the 2016 Democrat Primary, the really interesting story was how underdog Bernie Sanders captured the admiration of American voters. An Independent Senator from the small state of Vermont, most people had never before heard of Sanders. Yet he quickly began to attract 1000’s to campaign rallies held in major city arenas all over the country.

As it turned out, Sanders didn’t win the race. He just built a political movement. Now he has his own media outlet, Bernie Sanders TV on Facebook.

A Diamond in the Rough

People didn’t become captivated with Sanders because of his slick image. But they did grow fond of his fly-away hair. People didn’t listen to Sanders for the sake of verbal eloquence. Rather, they grew to trust the words spoken in a strong Brooklyn accent.

Unpolished by professional celebrity stylists, Bernie Sanders was (still is) that rare valuable gem in its authentic…

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