Controversy Inside the Anti-Corruption Movement

Here’s 2 short videos that are well worth your time. It’s about ending corruption in government, among other related things….

Anyone who is anti-corruption, is a Good Guy in my book. Before we can restore American democracy and hammer out solutions to the problems in our nation, we must get money out of politics — otherwise, legislation overwhelmingly favors wealthy special interests (regardless of which political party is in power).

Unfortunately, even the Good Guys disagree. And sometimes they counteract one another’s progress. Wolf PAC co-founder Cenk Uygur has a rant:

Everyone Hates Citizens United. But How to Overturn?

Wolf PAC aims to overturn Citizens United by state convention calling for a constitutional amendment. Also known as Article V, the Constitution provids this pathway for states to make amendments, in case Congress fails in its duty. Think of it as Plan B; only to be used if Congress were corrupt or terribly misguided on an issue threatening our democracy.

“Wolf-PAC believes that we can no longer count on our Federal…

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