Warnings Against Article V Convention Are Heeded by States

Robert Reich’s “Resistance Report”, recommended viewing!


I recently posted about the controversy that exists among anti-corruption groups. In particular, Wolf PAC and Common Cause are at loggerheads. Wolf PAC has been working with state legislatures to call a state convention that would amend the Constitution in order to overturn Citizens United. Common Cause opposes this approach, and in the last month they helped convince several state legislative bodies to rescind their calls for a state convention.

My heart aches for Wolf PAC. Yet Common Cause makes a powerful point.

A Quick Review of Citizens United

Before we go further, let’s quickly review why many seek to overturn Citizens United, the 2010 Supreme Court decision that allowed unrestricted political campaign contributions. As it unfortunately turns out, wealthy special interest groups have a lot of money to contribute to political campaigns. (The Supreme Court must have not realized!) Thereby, Citizens United ushered in a tidal wave of…

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