Trump Administration Attacks U.S. National Monuments – Resist!

There are a number of petitions circulating about this, I’ve already signed them, have you?

Randi Spivak, Public Lands Director of Center for Biological Diversity, says “national monument designations don’t happen overnight.” That being the case, will we allow the reigning President to cavalierly erase generations of American wisdom? I should hope not. Please submit a comment to the U.S. Department of the Interior in support of Bears Ears National Monument — and for the protection of all American national monuments.

Public lands belong to citizens. We do not want our national parks and monuments to serve the profiteering interests of oil, gas, coal and timber industries.

Monumental Threat to Public Lands | Medium

7 Things to Know About Trump’s Attack on Our National Monuments

“President Trump’s attack on national monuments has struck a nerve with Americans, generating tons of media coverage and an outpouring of support for these spectacular public lands…” ~ Randi Spivak

READ MORE: Monumental Threat to Public Lands | Medium


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