From Nationalism to Patriotism: A Girl Can Dream

The true meaning of patriotism in the wake of Charlottesville, Va….

Resident Alien -- Being Dutch in America

charlottesville nazisI’ve always felt that America was primed for a fascist takeover. In fact, to some outsiders America already lives with “a very quiet kind of fascism“. I’m sure most readers will still think, even after Charlottesville, that I’m overreacting, that it was only Charlottesville, not all of the USA, and yes, if it stops here, if Trump is dethroned, if this is the watershed moment when everything changes, great. But I don’t think so. I hope so, but I’m not optimistic.

Because there doesn’t seem to be much awareness of the distinction between patriotism and nationalism here. Or of the fact that nationalism can be malignant.

When I Googled “Blood and Soil” to find a site that explains the term for yesterday’s post, the first thing to pop up was a blog post by someone who thought that it just meant the white supremacists wanted blood to flow…

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