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Korean Talks Irk City Of London

more proof that the Korea conflict is US-manufactured….

Left Hook by Dean Henderson

North & South Korea shocked the world on Wednesday when they agreed to march under a unified flag at the upcoming Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.  Though they did so in 2000 at the Beijing games, recent tensions between the two – orchestrated by Washington – made this announcement surprising.

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Rothschild’s Covert War On Iran

The things going on behind the scenes for the exclusive benefit of Big Oil are being covered up by diversions such as the FBI investigation and the North Korean situation….

Left Hook by Dean Henderson

While the Illuminati corporate media focuses public fear on Trump’s North Korea red herring, Tillerson and his oil baron buddies are causing trouble in Iran.

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American Eugenics and the Holocaust

There is so much more — so much really bad stuff — about American history that has been hidden from us all. Thanks to the Internet, it’s all coming out now. Highly recommended reading for ‘truthers’….

Resident Alien -- Being Dutch in America

images Image:

I came across an article yesterday on “The Nazi Breeding and Infanticide Program You Probably Never Knew About”. The article describes the Nazi breeding program that involved encouraging and forcing “pure Aryan” women to get pregnant from “pure Aryan” men and taking the babies to be educated by the SS, as well as the active euthanasia of “impure” babies.

There is a reason you may never have known about this.

Eugenics is the “science” of perfecting a race of humans by eliminating “undesirable traits”.  The term was first introduced by an Englishman in 1883; in America it became popular around 1900. The Civil War had taken its toll on white American men and America was experiencing unprecedented immigration. White folks felt existentially threatened and were enthusiastic about the notion that they could purposely breed blue-eyed, blond-haired white people and eliminate undesirable traits.

The Eugenics Record Office (ERO)…

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Depopulation Yemen-Style

Never mind what the “news” networks are telling you about current events in Yemen. This is the truth, and it’s very ugly….

Left Hook by Dean Henderson

Yesterday Yemen’s former president Ali Abdullah Saleh was gunned down trying to flee Sanaa, after nearly a week of pitched street battles in the capital between Saleh supporters and backers of Houthi Ansar Allah rebels.

Saleh had been elected president of North Yemen in 1978 and became president of Yemen on May 22, 1990 when North Yemen merged with Marxist South Yemen.  He remained president of the country until 2012 when an Arab Spring-inspired rebellion ousted him.  He was replaced by his vice-president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.

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Saudi Paymaster Lashes Out Amid Geopolitical Shift

the balance of power is shifting in the Middle East. the influence of the US, UK, Israel and the Saudi’s is being supplanted by Iran and Russia.

Left Hook by Dean Henderson

On Saturday, US President Donald Trump publicly appealed to Saudi oil giant ARAMCO to list a 5% share which the Saudis decided to sell owing to low oil prices & a depressed Saudi economy. 

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DNC Fraud Against Sanders, Robert Mueller & BCCI

The outright theft of the DNC nomination from senator Bernie Sanders in the summer of 2016 is what’s being obscured by the current Trump-Russia connection. Things are not as they seem….

Left Hook by Dean Henderson

They feel the heat when we feel the Bern.

In late September Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller assembled his team of sixteen veteran prosecutors to delve into alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 US Presidential election, as well as collusion between the Trump camp and the Russian government of Vladimir Putin.

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Fascism in America 11: Conclusion

This is the last in a series on Facism, the ultra-right, and authoritarianism in the US, written from the vantage point of a Dutch immigrant. An excellent read….

Resident Alien -- Being Dutch in America

dutch police homeless Image:

Many Americans on the left were gobsmacked when Trump won the election. They did not see it coming at all. They thought that common sense would prevail in the end, but it didn’t. They completely underestimated the allure of Trump. From the beginning of Trump’s run for president to the present, pundits have tried to compare Trump to various fascists. Trump is like Hitler. No, Trump is not like Hitler, he’s more like Mussolini. No, he’s like Goebbels… None of those comparisons matter, but if you want my two cents, I think he’s most like Peter Sellers’ character in Being There.

In Being There, a movie based on the novel by Jerzy Kosinski, an intellectually challenged man who’s led a sheltered life as the gardener of a rich recluse is thrown into the bustle of New York City when his employer dies. A minor accident lands him in…

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Fascism in America 9: From Toxic Masculinity to Annihilation?

some thoughts on American fascism, toxic masculinity and the Trump presidency….

Resident Alien -- Being Dutch in America

trump masculinity Image:

Again, I’ve changed my mind about the subject of today’s post. I need to write more about violence and aggression as it relates to fascism and America.

Hitler made sure the German youth was indoctrinated at school and in the Hitler Youth. His idea of a perfect Germany with perfect Germans was a country populated by blond-haired, blue-eyed people–the men strong and handsome, doing manly-man things like intimidating and killing the Untermenschen, starting with the Jews, and the women buxom and beautiful, keeping house and having as many perfect German babies as possible. For the purpose of this article I’ll focus on the men.

In a speech, Hitler laid out what he wanted German boys to be.

A violently active, dominating, intrepid, brutal youth—that is what I am after. Youth must be all those things. It must be indifferent to pain. There must be no weakness or…

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Fascism in America 8: Violence and Intimidation

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the true state of America today. The similarities to Nazi Germany and the Roman Empire are striking….

Resident Alien -- Being Dutch in America

militia charlottesville Image:

Fascists don’t consider violence to be per definition bad, as long as they are the ones meting it out, through violent and intimidating government actions and policies, armed militias and/or war. In Germany the Nazi Party quickly became militarized and bullied and intimidated its way into power.

But first, let’s look at America’s history of violence and intimidation.

Several Native American nations fought brutal wars, others were mostly peaceful. The different warring factions were probably pretty evenly matched, usually, but their warriors were no match for European firearms, and Native American men, women and children were massacred, both by the colonizers’ armies and regular citizens with guns, and what was left of the tribes was forced into reservations, often not even close to their own territory.

Slavery was introduced almost immediately after European colonization began, and with it began the brutal suppression of African Americans. Plantation owners could…

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Fascism in America 6: Authoritarianism

some startling thoughts about authority in America, and why it’s often taken way too far….

Resident Alien -- Being Dutch in America

15-donald-trump-salute.w529.h352 Image:

Authoritarianism: favoring blind submission to authorities, favoring a concentration of power in a leader or an elite not constitutionally responsible to the people. So no labor unions, no strikes, power lies with corporations, police, government.

In the last post in this series I gave a short history of the police in the Netherlands, and of the basic police training when I was the librarian at one of the police training schools from 1984 to 1992. That should help to put what I have to say about the police in America and American authoritarianism in general in context.

It seems to me that Americans have given too much authority to institutions, thereby relinquishing their rights they’re so proud of.

Take the president: The president has also been given too much authority, voluntarily and informally, usually by Republicans when the president is Republican. Notice how they revere the president almost…

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