Life of a serf (part 2): Black Friday

here we have yet another victim of economic inequality and its consequences…..

Prog Chik

For labor groups, Black Friday and Thanksgiving — when many stores start their sales — have become a target of protest. It is a striking example, organizers say, of how retailers disrupt a beloved family holiday for profit.

–From “Black Friday Retail Workers Try to Make the Most of a Shopping Slump” published in the New York Times.

I’m coming out of the closet. The retail closet, that is. Yes, that’s where I’ve been working for the last year since moving back to my hometown. Though I have a sporadic (and unreliable) adjunct teaching gig on the side, retail has been my main source of employment. It’s not something I’m proud of, but it’s all I could find (see my previous “life of a serf” post).

After flipping through the news on my lunch break and coming upon this article about Black Friday, I thought I’d share my experience. While…

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